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World Cup Football pool 
The  pool 


One of the best ways to get up to date Celtic news there are a variety of web site and blogs to go for your daily fix. There are some very good people who share opinions and insights here a variety of ones to check out.

Celtic Football Club

All the current news  directly from the Celtic Football club official website.

Newsnow - Celtic

This site has the latest articles on the web about Celtic Football club.   A great source of information for all Celtic fans to enjoy .  

This is a great site


Some great writing and point of views on this Blog by James Forrest ( No not the player ) and friends.  This a favourite site of mine and one I recommend to all club members to read.  


Something I look at on a regular bases this is a 5 star ranking in my view  

Private Functions/Hall Rentals

Below is a list of all the dates that the club has been booked for private functions.To reserve the club for your private function please contact Matt Sherwin.

Dates Booked:

To be updated later when the revised schedule comes out

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