Bramalea Celtic club  


  • Being a member is always an advantage as we approach the holiday's 

  • Members get first access to ticketed events

  • Savings on game tickets


Always remember there still no seating/standing in front of the bar.

The area at the side of the bar is now open for seating

All bartenders and committee people are volunteers.

For the holiday's Margret has just brought in a Christmas order of special chocolate

Adding some excellent products Cadbury, Quality Streets and other brands 

Come down to the club as see selection before they disappear

Supporting the club is as important as buying a membership

In the remaining weeks of the 2022 we have a lot of events    

Matt is looking for donation for the Auction if you have something please contact him 

Jack is We are planning to make a “scrapyard run”  in the first week of December doing another run of Recycle 

The 2022 World Cup 


Come down to the Club and watch Canada's 3 Games 

      Dates                      Times       Game   

  1. Thursday-Dec-01      @ 10am   Canada v Morocco


The full list of all the places throughout the country are listed for

all CANADA games are listed on our Events page

This Sunday come cheer on TEAM CANADA at the club.


  • Drink specials that include $4.00 pints of Canadian!  

  • Free admission!  

  • All kids under 18 get free pop and chips!


No excuses, come down and cheer on our team.


Please remember for the holidays to support our food drive. 

We are running it for families in need in Brampton in Partnership with our Friends at St. Thomas Aquinas high school.

Any and all non-perishable goods will be accepted

Here are Schedule game at the club from the preliminary round

  Dates      Times       Game

  • November-29-Tue   

    •  2pm Iran v USA 

    •  2pm Wales v England

  • November-30-Wed

    • 2pm  Poland v Argentina

    • 2pm Saudi Arabia v Mexico

  • December-01-Thu 

    •  @ 10am Croatia v Belgium 

    •  @ 10am Canada v Morocco

    •  @  2pm    Japan v Spain

    •  @  2pm   Costa Rica v Germany

  • December-02-Fri 

    • 2pm  Serbia v Switzerland

    • 2pm  Cameroon v Brazil

  • The next round the last 16 will be Dec 3 to Dec6

  • The quarterfinals will be Dec Dec 9  & Dec 10

  • The semifinals will be   Dec 13 & Dec 14

  • Third Place Dec 17

  • The Final Dec 18th 


Celtic Games 2022  

Type        Dates        Times       Home      Visitors

Game prices - Members $5 , non-members $15 

  • SPL - Sat Dec 17th @ 10:00am - Aberdeen v Celtic

  • SPL – Wed Dec 21st @ 2:45pm - Celtic v Livingston
  • SPL - Sat Dec 24th @ 10:00am - Celtic v St. Johnstone 
  • SPL - Wed Dec 28th @ 2:45pm - Hibernian v Celtic

  • SPL - Mon Jan 2nd @ 7:30am- Rangers v Celtic

  • SPL - Sat Jan 7th @ 10:00am - Celtic v Kilmarnock 

  • SLC - Sat Jan 14th @ 12:30pm - Celtic v Kilmarnock 

  • SPL - Sat Jan 28th @ 10:00am - Dundee Utd v Celtic

  • SPL - Wed Feb 1st @ 2:45pm - Celtic v Livingston 

  • SPL - Sat Feb 4th @ 10:00am - St. Johnstone v Celtic 

  • SPL - Sat Feb 18th @ 10:00am - Celtic v Aberdeen

  • SPL - Sat Feb 25th @ 10:00am - Celtic v Hearts

  • Game times are in our time zone 

All games are subject to changes

News & Events

Events on again 

Club hours for the week of Nov 23 to Nov 29th    

Tuesday Nov 29   

  • Open around 1pm

  • World Cup game 2pm 

  • Darts at 7pm

Wednesday Nov 30   

  • Open around 1pm

  • World Cup games at2pm

  • Cards at 7pm  

Thursday Dec 1

  • Open around 9 am 

  • World Cup games - Canada V Morrocco 10am

  • World Cup games at 2pm

​Friday Dec 2

  • Open around 12pm 

  • World Cup 2 games 2pm

  • Private event 

Saturday Dec 3

  • Open around 1pm 

  • World Cup at 2pm 

  • Private event @ 7pm 

Sunday Dec 4  

  • ​Open at 9am

  • Kids Christmas Party @ 10am   

  • World Cup game @ 10 am @ 2pm  

  • Karaoke - Danny Mills at 4pm 

Monday Dec 5 

  • Open around 1pm   

  • World Cup game 2pm 

  • Cards & Darts at 7pm




Coming events 


  1. Friday Night every 2nd week - Euchre Check in time 7pm TBD ​​​

    • December 16th 

  2. Saturday December 17th Club Auction 12pm to 6pm 

  3. Saturday December 24th Christmas Eve 12pm to 9pm

  4. Saturday December 31st open 12pm 

  5. Sunday January 1st New Year's Day

    • Ticketed event at $10pp 

    • Available to members only from Dec 4th till Dec 18

    • Your ticket numbers will be log

    • You cannot transfer your ticket to anybody

    • Tickets will be available to non-members Dec 19    

2022 Executive & Committee has been set

Executive members

    • President - Matt Sherwin  ,  Vice President _ Paul Evans

    • Treasurer - Mike Woolley, Secretary - Jack Gallacher

    • Recording Secretary - Martin Guthrie 

  • Committee members

    • Bryan McAuley, Margret Sherwin, Tommy McArdle, Mary McGougan, 

    • Liam Sherwin, Danny Hunter, Jimmy Queen, Lillian Queen, ​Joel McPhee,

    • Lauren Hughes, and Dale D'Arcy

Memberships 2022 

The club announced that 2022/23 (Feb27/22 to Feb 25/ 23 ) are available

Prices for seniors and regulars are available at the bar with the form

Memberships advantages 

  • Price for Celtic game at $5 , all other $ 15pp

  • Tickets  to events are available to members first  

    • New Year day, St Patrick's ,  and any other events       

Matt at


Recycling  program Drive  -  

  • As you know we have been running this drive to help raise funds for the club.  

  • We have resold various bits and pieces to raised additional funds 

  • We are planning to make a “scrapyard run” monthly   

If you have any scrap items, you can drop off to donate them this month 

Items we are looking for include. 

  1. Scrap wire, Connectors and Chargers

  2. Any Cables for Cell phones, Tablets & Laptops

  3. Small household appliances

  4. Entertainment items like Stereos, TVs`   CD / DVD or VHS players

  5. Old electronics of any kind. AM /FM radios etc. 

  6. Copper wiring

  • If you’re not sure give us a contact  Jack Gallacher

  • He can let you know if we can re-sell the item or break it down for scrap.  

  • As well if anyone needs items to be picked up from their home or any other place

  • Please give us a call and we will try to arrange pick up.


The club are gladly accepting other items

  1. Empties including cans, bottles, and wine containers.

  2. Empty pop cans

  3. Any can aluminum opening tabs

Maggie's Tables of Goodies 

We have a great selection of goodies for Sale  at the club


A variety of items from the UK  that we grew up with 

  • Chocolates , biscuits,  Heinz beans, Pickled Onions, Soup and gravy mix's

  • Supplies are update on availability weekly 

  • The varierty changes each month based on what  available sections

Merchandise Sales

  1. The masks are $10.00

  2. Golf shirts 

    1. Various brands and sizes in stock ​

    2. Prices range from $15 TO $35

  3. Grey Hoodies $45.00 ( 5 - XL size ) Toque $9.99 

  4. Club Crest $3.99

Send all request for merchandise  to

Everything from there will be forwarded to Jack for that merchandise

Private Functions/Hall Rentals

To book the club for private functions function please contact Matt Sherwin.

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