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This pictues of our old location  


The club room has seating for 200 comfortably with long and round tables which can be arranged to suit your needs. There are two large screens that are connected to our in-house audio/visual system. Remote wireless microphones are also available. Your band/DJ can plug into our system or bring their own.

The club features an old country style "Pub" bar that is fully stocked with liqour and all your favorite beers.

Fruit Trays

Two examples of our stunning fruit trays are pictured above. Fruits are fresh daily and refrigerated on site. Common fruits used are watermelon, strawberries, Kiwi, grapes pineapple and melons.

Sandwich Trays

Sandwiches are always the backbone of any functions food service. Our home made sandwiches include the standards - Egg Salad, Salmon, Tuna and meat/cheese combinations. They are tastefully presented on either white bread, whole wheat bread ao a combination of both.


Salad bowls are made fresh on the day of the event. We offer Garden Greens Salad and Caesar Salad.

Meat Trays

Our meat trays are made to your wishes and vary from Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey and other assorted cold cuts. 

Cold cut trays are accompanied by an assortment of fresh rolls for easy sandwich making.

Cheese Trays

Decorative cheese trays add that special splash of color and food variety to any occasion.

We offera variety of cheeses as a standard - Yellow Aged Cheddar, Marble and White Aged Cheddar. Each cheese selection is colourfully separated using a combination of Red and Green Grapes.

These trays can allso be designed with your favorite cheeses!

Hot Dishes

We can offer Meat Balls in a Red Sauce, various pasta dishes and hot Mini Sausage Rolls.

Standard fare at the club are Home Made Steak and Scottish Mince Pies.

Our club facility is available for bookings any day of the week based on availability as we do reserve some dates and times for club functions.


Further information is available by calling the club at (905) 458-0034

If there is no answer please leave your name and phone number.


Final arrangements, pricing and contract formalities are completed by Matt Sherwin.


Please contact Matt directly for final arrangements and necessary documentation. 

Matt's direct phone number is  (905) 796 - 7469